Why not have an Edinburgh show in your Living room?

In 2018 I started taking my work in progress show out to peoples living rooms in order to try out newer material. Folk would invite friends and make an evening out happen indoors.I thought this may a get a few people interested but my initial run of 12 nights was taken up within a week of offering them, so I'm extending the idea to include my Edinburgh shows!

It works very simply. You choose one of my Edinburgh shows from the list below, you pay a fee and then organise a comedy night in your house. Either get everyone to buy a ticket or just treat your friends to a night of 5 star comedy. 


1/ 10 Films with My Dad

How do fathers and sons communicate? Sports? Cars? The Jeremy Kyle show? For Aidan and his dad, it was films. Join Aidan as he takes you through his five-star, internationally performed Edinburgh Fringe show, from John Wayne to 3D, to show how two men grew up with the help of popcorn and Hollywood. An uplifting and inspirational comedy performance incorporating stand-up comedy and film.

2/ The Joys of Retail

Sure, you could have become an accountant like your grandmother wanted, but you had a dream. A dream that meant you did a media degree. Congratulations, you now work in retail. This show tells how I survived the delights and horrors of the retail world, from insane area managers to delightful customers, and how I  escaped them.

3/ Purpose

Aidan was divinely happy as an apathetic atheist until his wife started training as a vicar. With his best friend finding her path, Aidan questions his purpose while dealing with audio bibles, professional jealousy and the purgatory of cruise ships.

Hope to hear from you soon x

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